Visit Desenzano

Art and Culture
Situated on the southwest coast, Desenzano is a lively dynamic town, full of memories and initiatives which run along the busy streets in the centre and climb the hills and vineyards. An ideal spot for a holiday offering a perfect mix between relaxing, entertainment, nature and culture a world of clours lights reflected in the deep blue of the lake.

Major art cities
A stay in Desenzano del Garda offers you opportunities for numerous and interesting excursions and due to its strategical position, close to the motorway and railway station you are easily connected with the major art cities and historical sites of northern Italy such as Verona, Venezia, Brescia, Milano, Mantova...

Travelling with children 
Unforgettable! This is the right way to describe Garda Lake amusement thanks to the the biggest natural, fun and acquatic parks on the lake, which offer many possibilities to both young people and adults.

Nature and relax 
Our proposal to take a walk in the green in one of the many parks.

Bicycle routes 
A wide variety of itineraries offers a complete understanding of this territory where "Mediterranean" environment gradually blends into "Alpine" as we slowly climb higher and higher. 
There are some unusual, if not unique, factors which determine the fortune of cycle tourism in the hill region: the first one is undoubtedly due to the beauty of the landscape in this green area, full of tree lined roads, full of impressive scenery and gentle slopes up and down the hills. The second one is its geographical position, which offers many possibilities: the Southern shore of Lake Garda is easy to reach from anywhere in Alto Mantovano, as well as the nearby cities of Verona, Brescia and Mantova, centres of fine arts. There is also the region's gastronomy and wines, served at a low price in many refreshment places along all these ways. There are several itineraries if one wishes to find quiet and lonely places by taking one of the many rugged country lanes off the main road.

Discovering the flavours of the lake and its hills 
Discover Lake Garda through its agricultural produce and the range of food and wines. Let the civilisation of the table lead you to an awareness of the enviroment, culture, history and traditions of the places that lie along its banks and in the surrounding areas. Follow the flavours and aromas of a gastronomic richness which highlights the best of an area where the alpine enviroment softens and melts under the Mediterranean influence. Wines and extravirgin olive oil, along with freshwater fish are the reigning products of Lake Garda area. The variety and richness of production is such that it may represent, to tourists who let the purity and simplicity enchant them, an entralling experience. 

More than sports
Garda Lake represents the perfect training ground for people fond of active holidays and sports, who like to enjoy them either at leisure or on competitions. The lake is ideal for windsurfing, sailing and canoeing as well as for yachting, fishing and diving. The inland area surrounding the lake is a very suitable holiday resort, too: with its multifarious environments and modern facilities it is in fact perfect for people fond of mountain biking and horse riding, for golf and tennis fans and for those who enjoy making long walks in the green hills or trekking in the surrounding mountains, where in winter you can also go skiing.